Meet Nikolaj & Mathias

Unisex jewellery from Jane Kønig
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Meet Nikolaj & Mathias

Times change and so do our accessories. At Jane Kønig, we believe that our jewelry spans wider than just one gender.

We have given the two young influencers Nikolaj and Mathias free hands. Here you can see how they style their favorite Jane Kønig jewelry.


Who are you?

We are a couple of twin boys of 20 years who love to take part in creating something, and enjoy being creative. We love being with people and value the community. Furthermore, we are a large part of an active fan community out on the Copenhagen Vestegn, namely Brøndby IF.

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Where are you from? 

We grew up in Vejle, and still live here for a bit, but are both moving to Copenhagen at the beginning of the new year.


What do you do on a daily basis?

Mathias; I work on a daily basis as a substitute teacher at a primary school, and as a servant. I am currently in the middle of my second sabbatical year, and am right now figuring out what I want going forward. In addition, I love tennis.

Nikolaj; I am also in the process of my 2nd sabbatical year, and am employed by Bestseller, where I primarily work with logistics and distribution, but also sample handling of future collections. In addition, I spend time painting, and otherwise winning over Mathias on the tennis court.


What inspires you?

People who really dare something. Puts something at stake, to make a life better, not just for themselves or for a movement, but for everyone.

In terms of fashion, it can be anything from our grandfather's attire to something very experimental, rave like. Overall something that deviates from the norm. The crooked. It's cool.


If you had to choose an actor to play you in a movie, who would it be?

Nikolaj; Timothée Chalamet 

Mathias; Harry Styles


Who is your favorite to follow on Instagram right now? And why?

Definitely the film director, Jonas Risvig.

There is always something going on in his Instagram and everything he is doing right now is really inspiring. He has done several youth series, and is really worth checking out if you do not know him. We have both had the pleasure of participating in several of the music videos he has made, and have also starred in one of his campaign videos for a streaming service. His entire crew is amazing.


Which Jane Kønig jewelery is your favorite? And why?

Reflection Signet Ring and Star Signet Ring, are our favorites. They are super cool. We are generally quite fond of signet rings and these are the combination of simple and experimental. It makes them, we think, easy to style because they fit all occasions.


Guilty pleasures?

Nikolaj; The movie “The Proposal” - absolutely sublime

Mathias; Huge boybelieber haha

Justin Bieber <3


What other unisex items do you use?

We use items from Ganni, Eytys, AOA, and Jacquemus. Brands that we think make some really cool items and that really have their own style!

Most of the unisex items we wear start with being bought as “women’s clothing”, so that's it really is all. Pants, T-shirts, sunglasses, jackets, etc. It does not matter to us whether it is one or the other. As long as it's cool.


What trends do you hope will come back, what trends are you cringing over?

To be fair, we are pretty indifferent to trends. It's not something we look for so much, and we do not really cringe at anything. People must think that what they wear is good for them, and that is the most important thing.


What is your wish for the fashion industry?

The fashion world must become more sustainable. We must support the brands that think green and that produce more green. The fashion houses and the textile industry in general have a huge climate responsibility. In relation to the more aesthetic, we think that several of the big fashion houses should be a little more experimental with the use of colors.


Finally, what are your favorite songs right now?

Mathias; "En Stemme" The Minds of 99, those guys are just too wild man!

Nikolaj, "SILK SCREEN" Jin DeLuca! Some really cool guys from Aarhus who really hit a nerve.


Nikolaj & Mathias favoritsmykker



Nikolaj & Mathias styler Jane Kønig

Nikolaj & Mathias styler Jane KønigNikolaj & Mathias styler Jane Kønig

Nikolaj & Mathias styler Jane Kønig

Nikolaj & Mathias styler Jane Kønig